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[00:00] limit of a sequence solved using the scale of powers [08:07] example that calls for l'Hospital's rule but it doesn't help [14:48] three examples with oscillation [24:53] limit of a function defined by cases [33:50] bonus: limit with less known tricks (substitution, expansion) See also “Integral 4” []➝ improper integral at 15.42 for another limit. See also “Derivative: bonus” for limits and continuity. — In this series of videos ( we will look at the popular calculus topics – limits, derivatives and integrals – from a practical point of view. We assume that the viewer already saw the usual intro (theorems, outlines of basic methods), and we will combine them into practical approaches and procedures for solving standard problems. Further exposition, solved problems, and exercises with step-by-step hints can be found in Math Tutor (