Terms of use


The Mediasource web application operated on https://media.cvut.cz is a system for management and public presentation of multimedia materials of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). CTU is the provider and at the same time the owner of all the presented content.

All published materials serve primarily for documentary, promotional and educational purposes. The main goal is to present high-quality multimedia products created by CTU, and thereby raise the prestige of the university. In this sense, the published materials can be freely used as long as following conditions are met.

For internal use:

  1. Materials must not be extensively modified.
  2. Documentary materials (see Type field in additional info under each entry) must not be used for other than documentary purposes.
  3. Materials must not be used for commercial purposes.
  4. Materials must not be used to damage the name of CTU or of persons featured in the materials.

For use outside CTU:

  1. All rules for internal purpose must be followed (see above).
  2. The author and source of used materials must be cited. If none is declared in Mediasource (see Author and Source fields in additional info under each entry), CTU in Prague has to be cited.
  3. All use is strictly subject to written approval from the head of the Department of PR and Marketing of the CTU Rectorate.

Infringements of any of the rules above will be judged individually, and in extreme cases legal action will be taken.

CTU retains all rights to adjust these rules in future.

Notice: If you do not wish to be portrayed in any materials presented in Mediasource, please refer to support.